Course instructions

Welcome to the TWB Volunteers' Translation Course! 

To complete this course you need approx. 2 and a half hours long. You can complete each section separately and on your own pace.

This course is structured as a list. Simply move from the first item on the list to the last one. Each item can be one of the following:

1. A content page, like the one you are reading right now. 

2. A course activity, with educational content and tests. 

3. A website link that directs you to other websites. 

4. A PDF file. 

Finally, we have fora , where you can meet other participants, share your thoughts and opinions and ask for help. 

The boxes you see next to items on the course page display ticks when the activity is completed. The solid border manual completion means you must click to say you have completed the task. The dotted line border automatic completion means a task will be automatically marked complete once you have met the completion criteria. Ticks will appear in each box type when you have done the task. (The borders themselves do not change.)

In order to complete the course activities (marked with) you have to pass the corresponding tests or quizzes. After you finish each part click Finish Course in the Home Screen and then Submit Results. If you have passed everything successfully the activity will be marked as completed. 

You have to mark all list items as completed in order to successfully pass the course.

You only need a laptop/PC, headphones and a quiet place to concentrate!

The course is provided in English and it's language-neutral, i.e. it doesn't focus on a specific language combination.

After you have finished this course you will:

  • familiarize yourselves with TWB's work;
  • learn how TWB's volunteer community works on a daily basis;
  • know the basic principles of translation.

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