Item 1: Learning objective

The overall purpose of this module is to provide an online training course in Humanitarian Translation. 

More specifically, by the end of the training it is expected that participants should:

  • have an awareness of codes of conduct for the relevant profession (translator (T));

  • have received guidance and advice on translation and interpreting in a humanitarian context, including basic skills and a cultural sensitivity;

  • have access to practical advice and techniques for preparing, conducting, and concluding an interpreting session;

  • have access to examples and role-playings;

  • get familiar with interpreting and mediating for children;

  • feel confident to analyse and prepare source texts for translation;

  • engage independently or in teams for terminology research and glossary creation;

  • produce and deliver translations;

  • display knowledge of and implement steps to ensure quality-assurance of translation;

  • display knowledge of main translation resources and technologies;

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