Item 1: Learning objective

Translators without Borders (TwB) is a non-profit organization set up to provide translation services for non-profit and humanitarian organizations that need translated information. In 2013, TwB built the first-ever crisis-relief translation network, titled Words of Relief, in order to bridge existing language gaps in the communication between humanitarian aid providers and crisis-affected populations and to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian response.  

In this context, the overall purpose of this module is to develop and deliver an online training course in TwB’s principles and the humanitarian context. More specifically, by the end of the training it is expected that participants should:

  • have knowledge of TwB, its mission and vision;

  • have knowledge of the TwB’s various work areas (crisis, development, advocacy);

  • understand the importance of providing information in the right language to vulnerable populations;

  • understand what a humanitarian crisis is;

  • have an awareness of core humanitarian principles;

  • get familiar with humanitarian NGO Codes of Conduct;

  • know the difference between translation, interpretation and cultural mediation.

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