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    Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community

    Welcome to the course Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community.

    This course is divided in four different sections:

    1. Introduction to CLEAR Global and Translators without Borders (TWB)

    2. Introduction to Humanitarian Translation

    3. The TWB Community

    4. The Translation Process at TWB

    At the end, you will find a "Test Yourself!" section with a quiz to assess what you have learnt throughout the course.

    Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community will give you a more in-depth understanding about the work of Translators without Borders, the role played by language professionals during humanitarian crises, and also about the role you can play as a TWB community member.

    The course duration is approximately 2 hours, but you can take a break and come back later if you wish to do so. Please note you will need to create an account and enrol in the course in order to complete it. Find out how to do it at this link.

    You can take the course on any device. If you are using a smartphone, we recommend rotating your screen to view the course sections in landscape (horizontal) view for optimal resolution.

    Once you have completed all sections and the final test, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

    We also highly recommend that you take a look at our Translator’s Toolkit to take your first steps with TWB.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the thread dedicated to this course on our forum here or reach out to

    This course was funded by the Get Ready Fund, a funding mechanism for H2H Network members.

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